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A Monash University student club for those with an        
         interest in rural and Indigenous health outcomes...

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Our Members:

Allied Health




Other Students


What We Do


We run events spanning across career development, social and networking, practical workshops, health awareness and charity fundraising. 


We advocate on behalf of our members, working closely with the School of Rural Health to directly influence student policy.


We have active sub-committees spanning all of Monash University's campuses, including a number of rural clinical schools.


These committees organise social and coordinate events encouraging active community engagement and involvement.

Who We Are


Wildfire was established in 1993, with membership initially limited to pre-clinical medical students. However, we have recognised that improving rural health is the responsibility of an integrated health care team, encompassing both primary, secondary and tertiary levels of healthcare. We have grown to encompass nursing students and allied health students, pre-clinical and clinical medical students and others with an interest in rural health.


Our membership is currently made up of approximately 400 medical, nursing and allied health students. In 2015, we are looking to increase our nursing and allied health numbers, as we focus on becoming a comprehensive rural and Indigenous health club.

How We Work


The co-ordination of WILDFIRE is overseen by a Council of students elected by the student body, including representatives from each of the subcommittees. Our largest subcommittee is based at the Clayton Campus, with others at Bendigo, Churchill, East Gippsland, Gippsland, Mildura, Parkville and Peninsula.


We receive funding from the School of Rural Health, private sponsors and the National Rural Health Students Network, which enables us to carry out and achieve our goals.

Our Goals



  1. Foster relations between all students and health professionals interested in rural and Indigenous health and culture

  2. Facilitate discussion, action and reporting/research on all rural and Indigenous matters amongst the student body and with our affiliates

  3. Develop and maintain a multi-disciplinary approach

  4. Support students during their educational life span through their rural and Indigenous experiences

  5. Encourage a long term commitment to living and working in rural areas of Australia


Medical Sciences


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